How LSK plans to weed out fake lawyers

LSK has noted an increase in the number of complaints about rogue lawyers who take money from the public and later block them. To avoid that, Theuri urges members of the public to confirm the legality of their (lawyers) services through the Law Society of Kenya.

"We require the public to visit the law society portal, indicate the name of the lawyer, and check if he or she is registered under LSK and if they are an active lawyer," he said.

"If the lawyer is inactive, they should not practice law and they need to report to LSK."

On Wednesday, LSK reported the arrests of four people suspected to be fake lawyers during a sting operation carried out by police and the society.

The four were arrested in Nairobi's Kilimani area and within the city centre amid a nationwide operation to weed out masqueraders and quacks in the legal profession.

The society said it will be opposing bail for their release, as having the suspects back into the public does not really solve the issue.