Police arrest another Makenzi co-mastermind as exhumation resumes in Shakahola Forest

Police say the suspect is a co-mastermind and one of the top leaders of the cult led by Paul Makenzi. [Marion Kithi, Standard]

Police have arrested a man suspected to be a co-mastermind and one of the top leaders of the cult led by Paul Makenzi that resulted to dozens of his followers starving themselves to death on the promise of 'meeting their maker.'

According to Coast Region Commander Rhoda Onyancha, twenty-six people have so far been arrested, over their alleged involvement in the cult. 

The forensic team has also resumed the exhumation exercise today, May 9. 

 Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure kindiki is in Kilifi County, visiting and assessing the scene.

The forensic team is also expected to exhume two children belonging to a former GSU officer who quit his job and relocated to Shakahola with his family.

The officer who is believed to be Makenzi's aide is still at large. 

In a case that erupted last month, horrifying a deeply religious nation, cult leader Paul Makenzi is accused of urging followers to find God through starvation.

According to Hamprey Ngonyo, his ex-follower, Makenzi painted himself as modern day Moses who would save his people by leading them to the promised land of Shakahola where they would "meet Jesus" through starvation.

Half the victims were children. 

Mr.Ngonyo also says the key to understanding the tragedy that was Shakahola village lies in the oratory skills Makenzi had.

''He was very charismatic, with the cadence and fervor of a Baptist preacher, the charm and folksiness of a country storyteller and the zeal and fury of a maniacal dictator who extorted his followers before instructing them to die," Ngonyo  explained.