DP Gachagua says state to resettle families evicted from Mau Narok forest

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. [DPPS]

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked the Maasai community to abandon Azimio leader Raila Odinga over what he termed as his anti-development plans.

Gachagua said Raila enjoys stocking anarchy and violence, which hinders development.

"During the August 2022 General Election, you gave us half of your votes. Some of you voted for him (Raila), he is now leading violence. I urge you to abandon him; he is destructive," he said.

The DP was speaking in Narok West, Narok county, on Tuesday, where he issued more than 6,000 title deeds to residents of Naikarra Ward.

He said the opposition has resumed protests despite President William Ruto inviting them for bi-partisan talks, and has resorted to pursuing selfish interest disguised in public agenda.

"When you elected us, we promised to deliver. Seven months into office, we have delivered 6,000 title deeds. President William Ruto also promised to revive the agricultural sector," said Gachagua.

"He has delivered subsidised fertiliser for farmers across the country and am glad to know it was received here at Sh3,500 instead of Sh7,000. With the ongoing rains, you will harvest more. Our competitor has done nothing. Join President Ruto to benefit more," he added.

Speaking in Sogoo, Narok South, when he launched the construction of feeder roads funded by the county government, the DP assured that the government will resettle families evicted from Mau Narok forest by the previous administration as it tightens efforts to conserve the water tower.

He revealed that the Kenya Kwanza government had set aside funds for the resettlement in the next financial year.

Mr Gachagua regretted the manner in which the families were evicted from Mau forest and promised that they will be resettled once the budget is passed.

"They were kicked out of the forest inhumane manner but that is now behind us. We will continue to conserve the forest. The President has set aside funds for the resettlement of the people in the next financial year which will begin in July," said the DP.

He asked the affected families to form a 10-member committee that will work with the government on resettlement.

Gachagua invited the committee members, area MCA, MP, governor and deputy county commissioner to his office to firm up the plans to resettle them.

He applauded Narok Governor Patrick ole Ntutu for construction of the feeder roads in the county to boost transportation of farm produce to the market and access to health facilities.

The DP launched construction of the 24km Bokoiyot-Marinwak-Kipkurkuret- Sogoo-Tengecha-Road and 6km Tumoyot-Menet road in Sogoo, Narok South.

He noted that Sogoo was a fertile for growing vegetables, wheat, maize and dairy farming.

"The government is committed to opening up this area to potential markets and reducing post harvest losses," he said.

The new roads are part of the 1,145 km of Lot 83 feeder roads and bridges within the six sub-counties of Narok funded by the county.

"These roads will help farmers to reduce post-harvest losses by delivering their farm produce to the markets in time. This will ensure they fetch best prices in the market," the DP said.