IG Japhet Koome reveals Paul Mackenzie's criminal background

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome. [File, Standard]

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has revealed the criminal history of Pastor Paul Mackenzie, dating back to 2017.

Koome’s sentiments come at a time when police have discovered 11 more bodies at the Shakahola farm in Kilifi, as of Monday, April 24 midday.

This brings the total number of bodies exhumed from the farm to 58.

While addressing the media moments after touring the scene, Koome revealed to the public that Mackenzie had been linked to the death of two minors in March 2023.

“According to our criminal records, Mackenzie has a record dating back to 2017. The most recent report was made on March 17, 2023. In the report, he was linked to the death of 2 children. It is alleged that the children starved under his instructions. He told them too fast to the point of death to meet their maker,” Koome says.

According to Koome, the self-proclaimed pastor was charged and released on cash bail barely after a week.

According to told Koome, by midday, the police had rescued 29 people alive in the 800-acre piece of land. He clarifies that the ownership of the land is still in dispute.

He adds that 14 people including the church founder and owner are in police custody, pending investigations.

“The National Police Service condemns religious organisations that promote extremist beliefs and operates outside the confines of the law, risking Kenyans’ lives and violating the basic human right to life,” Koome says.

The Malindi cult leader has been in the limelight for allegedly influencing his followers to fast to death.

He was arrested on April 15 and has been in police custody since the Malindi High Court denied him release on bond.

He was not required to plead to any charge, with the prosecution seeking 30 more days to hold him as they complete the probe.

He was arraigned alongside 13 others in the case that will be mentioned on May 2. He was detained by the courts for 14 more days.