John Keen's billions and what is at stake

John Keen's wives Gladwell (left), Rosemary, and Jayne during the late politician's requiem in  Karen in 2016. [File, Standard]

John Keen died a multi-billionaire.

As of 2017, the properties mentioned in his Will were estimated to be around Sh11.4 billion.

Court documents seen by The Standard reveal that J. Keen Investment had shares 24,500 worth an estimated Sh11 billion.

At the same time, he held 3,666 shares at Standard Chartered Bank worth Sh659,880. He also had Sh34 million in his account at the same bank.

Keen had shares at Safaricom estimated to be worth Sh11.8 million. The Masaai elder had also deposited Sh53 million in his Kenya Commercial Bank account.

His land at Namanga was valued at Sh10 million while 150 acres at Mailua, Kajiado County, was estimated to be around Sh13.5 million. He also had another 125 acres in Meto, Kajiado worth Sh11.2 million. Keen's most priced asset in the Will was a piece of land in Kilifi worth Sh270 million.

John Keen served as an Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Kajiado North MP from 1969 to 1979. [File, Standard]

The politician also had other properties that he had not mentioned in the will. The highest-valued property was worth Sh450 million.

He had at least Sh2.51 million in Credit Bank and Equity Bank. The total estimate of his wealth that had not been indicated in the will was Sh1.6 billion.

Meanwhile, Keen had at least 10 properties in Nairobi County that he had transferred to Resson Gardens Limited.

Court records read that he had no known liabilities.

In his will, he had bequeathed his daughter Silole Wangui his Standard Chartered Bank and Safaricom shares.

At the same time, he directed that the money in the bank should be used for education and issues that his children or wives could not be able to foot.

He left Rosemary Sanau, Pamela Siola, Anthony Simel and Somore Sam and one of the trustees as signatories.

John Keen. [File, Standard]

The money at the bank ended up being yet another battle between his granddaughter Zola Sinet, her father Edward Meitamei on one hand and the signatories.

Sinet and her father asked the court to order the signatories to remit Sh4.8 million for her education. However, they opposed the prayer saying that they knew that she had completed her university education.

Justice Aggrey Muchelue agreed with the signatories. 

“Has she repeated? Has she graduated? What happened to her evidence that she was completing her studies? Neither her nor her father responded by a further affidavit,” said Justice Muchelule.