VIDEO: Cat jumps on Imam during Ramadhan prayer

The cat then brushed the imam's cheek with its tail and licked his face, before jumping off him seconds later.

The video was first shared by the official Facebook page of Sheikh Walid Mehsas and has been shared on various social media pages and captured even by leading international media stables.

According to Islam, cats are viewed as holy animals and are greatly admired for their cleanliness.

Facts about cats

One irrefutable fact about cats is they are good companions. So long as they have learnt to trust you, you can always depend on them to be there when you come back home after a long day. Depending on its breed, each cat has its own unique personality and behavior. There are those that will follow you everywhere you go and those that enjoy being in your presence but with no physical contact.

Research has found that cat owners end up feeling good because of serotonin. This hormone helps with feelings of well-being thus reducing stress related hormones-cortisol, leaving you feeling uplifted and happy.

Cats are stress free pets compared to others like dogs due to their independence. So, since you don't have to worry much about them, you will have less anxiety.

On top of having a positive calming effect you will find yourself in a general relaxed state every time you're around them. This will in turn reduce your chances of getting a stroke or heart disease.