Bishops want ruling on LGBTQ overturned

They regretted that the LGBTQ ideology is taking advantage of people, especially those innocent and vulnerable individuals like the youth and the poor.

The bishops said many individuals were being recruited to join the LGBTQ group with the promise of financial benefit.

"We are also aware that the impact of homosexuality is grave and has far-reaching effects. We refer to the Kenyan Constitution Article 45, which states that the family is the natural and fundamental unit of society and the necessary basis of social order, and shall enjoy the recognition and protection of the state.

"We, therefore, remind the government of its constitutional responsibility and moral obligation to safeguard and protect the family against the LGBTQ ideology and other threats," read the statement.

The bishops want like-minded people, institutions and organisations to join their bid to have the ruling overturned.

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court criticized the government for failing to register an LGBTQ association, saying the move was discriminatory.

Although same-sex unions remain illegal in Kenya, the court ruled that everyone has a right of association.

The statement read in all Catholic churches during mass indicated that the Church in Kenya wants to strengthen the family as an image of God's love.

"While acknowledging the reality of the challenges posed by LGBTQ, we strongly call for the conversion of heart of all those seeking to promote this ideology and all those who may have deviant sexual orientation in our country," read the statement.

The bishops urged Kenyans to be vigilant and to resist ideological pressures that seek to destroy families.

"The ruling is against the will of God, who created male and female in His image and likeness. If upheld, the ruling will lead to the breakdown of the moral fabric of our society, the institution of marriage and family and future generations," the statement further read.