DCI boss Mohamed Amin: Former Interior CS Matiang'i faked raid on his home

Director of Criminal Investigations Mohamed Amin. [Twitter:@DCI_Kenya]

The Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Mohamed Amin now says that the alleged raid by police at former Interior CS Fred Matiang'i's home is 'false reports'.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday evening, Amin said no officers from the DCI were deployed to find or arrest Matiang'i at his residence or anywhere else.

"For the record, I can confirm that the DCI is indeed investigating several cases. But I can confirm that none of the cases under investigation so far have reached the stage, which requires the assistance or attendance of Dr. Matiang'i," said Amin.

The DCI boss further revealed that they have conducted an initial investigation into the matter.

"Our preliminary findings have uncovered evidence of a well-coordinated and deliberate attempt to spread false information and incite public fear, unfortunately spearheaded by a person of the standing of a former Interior Security Cabinet Secretary.

According to our investigation, activity began building up at Dr. Matiang'i's home on Wednesday, 8th February at 8pm Kenyan time," said Amin.

Amin further disclosed their findings.

"Initially, Dr. Matiang'i informed his guards that he was expecting guests, who were lawyers, and instructed them to grant access to his home upon their arrival. The lawyers arrived shortly after and proceeded to a meeting inside the house. They were joined shortly afterwards by politicians led by the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

After another few minutes, the lawyers drove off in three vehicles, leaving three other cars in the compound. As they left, they informed the guards that they were going to address the press. ," said Amin.

Reports of the alleged raid broke out after 9pm.

"At around 9:30pm, Mr. Odinga and team left the home to go and join the lawyers in the press conference. Dr. Matiang'i then informed the guards that police would be arriving accompanied by the media to arrest him, and then instructed them to allow the police access to the home but to lock out the media.

The communication team attached to Hon. Raila Odinga then alerted newsrooms that the former CS's home was surrounded by an elite squad of police," said Amin.

Amin said DCI will take action against all those involved in the matter.

"The DCI confirms that this was a deliberate and malicious attempt to spread false information and incite fear.

The DCI will not tolerate the purveyors of false information and will take firm and bold action against all those involved in this matter," said Amin.

Earlier, Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi has moved to the High Court seeking anticipatory bail over an alleged looming arrest.

Matiang'i, in his application, argues that the Monday night raid of his Karen home is a political witch-hunt by President William Ruto's government.

[The Inspector-General of Police Japheth Kooome says no such raid happened.]

According to Dr Matiang'i, confidential sources have informed him that he is to be arrested by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and will be charged with abuse of office.

"Through a confidential source, I was reliably informed that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission had also received instructions between February 6-9, 2023 to open a criminal file and charge me with trumped-up charges of abuse of office," Matiang'i avers.

Matiang'i, who was a powerful Cabinet Secretary in President Uhuru Kenyatta's administration, laments that the current government first withdrew his security before a contingent of police officers raided the home.

He claims that the officers attached to him were withdrawn a day after he spoke at Prof George Magoha's home.

"The second respondent (Inspector General of Police Japheth Koome) has already demonstrated malicious intent and a clear disregard for the rule of law by abusing due process as evidenced by the reduction and withdrawal of the security officers assigned to the Applicant, thereby exposing him to harm despite the sensitive nature of his last post as cabinet secretary," stated Dr Matiang'i.

According to him, the timing of the raid and alleged looming arrest is meant to ensure that he does not attend his former colleague's funeral.

The Inspector-General (IG) of Police Japhet Koome denied claims that police officers raided the Nairobi home of former Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Fred Matiang'i on Wednesday night.

"There was no raid carried out by any member of the National Police Service [at the home of former CS Matiang'i]. Please, let me be clear on that," Koome told The Standard through a text message on Thursday, February 9.

Interior Cabinet Secretary (CS) Kithure Kindiki said that he has confirmed with the Police, EACC and KRA that no one from the agencies was sent to raid the Karen home of his predecessor, Fred Matiang'i, on Wednesday night.

His statement echoed those made earlier by the Inspector-General of Police Japhet Koome on Thursday morning.