Do your job, don't meddle in politics; Ruto tells public servants

President William Ruto. [File, Standard]

President William Ruto has told public servants to stick to their lane in their execution of duties and keep off politics.

Ruto who was, today,  accompanied by other leaders for a Church service at AIC Kitui Township in Kitui County promised to curb the issue of perennial drought and lack of water in Kitui County.

“We will work together with the elected leaders; Governors, MPs, and initiate legislation in Parliament to harness water harvesting through a public-private partnership to ensure that we deliver water to our people,” said Ruto.

Dr. Ruto quickly announced that he will introduce police reforms specifically on their budget.

“That is why I have instructed henceforth, the budget of the police will be transferred from my office and we are going to give our police an independent budget and we are going to demand from them. The budget will be in the hands of the Inspector General and his commanders. My job will only be to ask questions,” said Ruto.

The head of state also asked public servants not to meddle in politics.

“We do not want to see a scenario where public servants are performing political responsibilities. Politics should be left to [we] politicians. At this event, we have seen politicians stand in front of us, and I also have mine. However, let public servants do their job. Where a chief is delegated political duties should end in this republic.

We want public servants to serve the people of Kenya equally irrespective of what political affiliation they belong to. A Kenyan has the right to belong to any political formation. However, a public servant should work for them in accordance with the code of service.” Said Ruto.

President Ruto was touring Kitui County for the first time since winning the August 2022 general election.