Key Quotes from DP William Ruto and David Mwaure

UDA Party Presidential Candidate and Mwaure Waihiga of Agano Party when they each appeared separately for the Presidential debate on Tuesday July 26, 2022. [Standard]

Only two of four candidates showed up for the Presidential debate at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Karen, Nairobi on Tuesday July 26.

David Mwaure  of Agano party and UDA presidential candidate William Ruto each appeared alone in the first and second tiers of the debate respectively. Prof. George Wajackoya of Roots Party turned up but left shortly afterwards. Azimio la Umoja’s Raila Odinga on the other hand indicated he will hold a town hall meeting.

Here are twelve key quotes from William Ruto and Mwaure Waihiga

William Ruto Key Quotes

  1. We live in a dynamic country and it’s only fools who don’t change their mind.
  2. Our unbudgeted projects are in the region of Sh100 billion and that is what is spiraling our borrowing.
  3. Every document signed by Kenya is a public document and should be made available to Kenyans.
  4. It is time we look at how else do we raise revenue? We need to interrogate those 15 taxes on fuel, which ones can we do away with?
  5. DP Ruto: I am undertaking to the people of Kenya that given a chance to be President things will be different in Kenya.
  6. The fact that we do not have many women leaders is a negative for us, there is something that we are losing; having women leadership would enrich our governance as a nation.
  7. The Kimwarer and Arror dams were canceled intentionally to punish my supporters.
  8. I have tremendous respect for all Kenyans and all Kenyan leaders. I have not in any way undermined the public standing of any leader or any Kenyan. I have not called anybody washenzi, I have not called anybody takataka.
  9. I have discharged my responsibility to the best of my ability.
  10. When we came into the handshake arrangement, a false narrative was rolled out that police reservists in Elgeyo Marakwet were a militia, they were withdrawn.
  11. I’m looking forward to the day somebody will step forward and tell the country, how can the govt lose Ksh. 20B that was supposed to build the Kimwarer & Arror dam and yet there’s nothing on the ground?
  12. We are living beyond our means. We should stop this borrowing spree.

David Mwaure Key Quotes

  1. How can you lead if you are not ready to come to a platform like this and tell Kenyans what you want to do for them?
  2. This is my sixth stab at an election. It is not my first time speaking against corruption. As I stand here, I know that nobody can accuse me of having been involved in any scandal.
  3. I have had opportunities to steal because I was appointed to top-level positions but I chose not to be corrupt, it’s a lifestyle.
  4. We must still ask how much money went into the SGR. We need to know. Who are the KEMSA billionaires and why have their names not been read out and the money been brought back into the country.
  5. We don’t need to wait to restructure our loan, or plant a kind of plant and wait for it to be harvested.
  6. We shall introduce subsidies into other food products, and reduce Pay As You Earn (PAYE) by fifty per cent, so that Kenyans can have money to take home with.
  7. To spur growth, and throw some money into the economy, we shall waive away tax penalties that accrued up to the day we are sworn in.
  8. We can define what can be said within the Church building context. The Church is a place of worship & not a place where people can come & attack others or hurl insults.
  9. I have not lost in every election; in 2017, I believe I was rigged out in the election. I was going to become the Senator of Lamu.
  10. Kenya is a wealthy nation, that’s why we are able to lose Sh2 billion and not notice it.
  11. It is important that state and religion be separated. In the Waihiga Mwaure government, religious leaders will play a pivotal role. They will even sit in cabinet.
  12. I am an example of the fact that any Kenyan can run for the presidency.