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Speaker Muturi: Corrupt leaders should face the firing squad

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi addressing a section of the Maasai community leaders at Isinya [Peterson Githaiga, Standard]

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi, says corrupt politicians should face the firing squad.

Campaigning for the presidency in Isinya, Kajiado County, Mutururi said many leaders in Kenya were corrupt and should be taken into a park and the firing squad called in to deal with them.

 "We're experiencing a high cost of living because of corruption.  I don't understand why corruption cases take so long to conclude, yet graft is the core cause of economic problems in our country.

"The Constitution sets the hearing of a presidential Election dispute to a time frame of 14 days, yet some of the biggest corruption cases never conclude,'' added Muturi.

Muturi added: "Kenyans are tired of corruption, if I'm given a chance to form a government, just be assured it will not be business as usual."

He said fighting corruption will be his priority if he was elected President and his government would make it easy to prosecute the corrupt by using the Auditor General's report as a reference point.

Muturi urged the Maa community to consider him equal to other top politicians aiming to lead the country.

''Like David and Goliath, we are going to win this race. They're saying that we only have two horses but however small we are, I'm sure we are up to the task.I'm clear in my mind that with your support and your prayers, we will be able to clinch that top seat,''  said Muturi.

He said that the value of pastoralism in Kenya is not well appreciated, despite it being a major contributor to the GDP.

On other issues, he said important public dockets like Health should be fully devolved to the counties to make them more efficient in offering grassroots services.