Police search for missing billionaire Jaswant Singh Rai

A screengrab from a CCTV footage showing a vehicle said to have been used by suspected kidnappers.

Police in Nairobi are investigating the abduction of a businessman in Kilimani on Friday.

Jaswant Singh Rai, was reported missing at Kilimani police station on Saturday.

The report of the missing man came a day after his vehicle was found abandoned in Kilimani on Friday.

Kilimani police boss Moss Ndiwa said police were called by a member of the public on Friday and informed that a vehicle had been left abandoned by the roadside in the estate.

Traffic police officers towed the vehicle to the police station.

On Saturday, a daughter of the missing Rai reported to Kilimani that his father was missing since Friday afternoon before an OB report of abduction was issued.

CCTV footage provided by the family revealed how a man is pulled out of a vehicle and forced into a waiting car.

The abducted man is seen being forced into a grey double cabin pick up. From the footage, the victim's car was intercepted at a junction in the estate.

It is from this 1.06-minute video clip that the family reached the conclusion that their kin had been abducted.

Police boss Ndiwa said the disappearance of Rai was under investigation by the DCI.

A source familiar with the probe told The Standard that the family was yet to reach the missing man on phone. No demand for ransom has been made so far, according to the investigators.