Driver dives into Nairobi River in failed attempt to flee crash scene

The driver swam across the Nairobi River. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

After a matatu rolled over the bridge along Museum Hill Interchange in Nairobi on Sunday, the driver took advantage of the confusion to escape as passengers crawled out.

Passengers crawl out of the overturned bus. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

The unidentified man dived into the nearby Nairobi River and successfully swam across.

Police and good samaritans assisting the accident victims. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

However, the attempt to flee the scene was thwarted by passersby on the other bank who subdued him with blows and kicks as soon as he swam across.

The driver attempted to escape by swimming across the Nairobi River. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

When a police officer rushed to his rescue, the driver, again, dived into the river and swam with the current to avoid capture.

The driver at the shore of Nairobi River. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

He was minutes later arrested after he swam into a dead end where the river flows through a culvert.

The driver[Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
[Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
The driver was subdued by passersby. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
A police office rescues the driver from the mob. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
The driver; subdued and out of ideas. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
A police officer gives chase. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
Police officer stands over the driver after he was nabbed following the second escape attempt. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]