Driver dives into Nairobi River in failed attempt to flee crash scene

Passengers crawl out of the overturned bus. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

The unidentified man dived into the nearby Nairobi River and successfully swam across.

The driver attempted to escape by swimming across the Nairobi River. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]

When a police officer rushed to his rescue, the driver, again, dived into the river and swam with the current to avoid capture.

The driver[Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
The driver was subdued by passersby. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
The driver; subdued and out of ideas. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]
Police officer stands over the driver after he was nabbed following the second escape attempt. [Dennish Ochieng', Standard]