MCAs reject proposal to close bars next to learning institutions

Similarly, she suggested that supermarkets running liquor stores should equally ensure that the area in which they sell the alcohol is not accessible to persons under the age of 18.

Ms Nanda said selling liquor next to the institutions of learning could lead to school dropouts, poor performance, and risky sexual behaviour.

To support her push, she said past surveys by NACADA and KIPRA established alcohol to be the highest abused substance with average users being 11 years.

For this reason, she called upon the executive to issue a one-month closure and relocation notice to liquor outlets and pubs operating within 300 metres radius of schools.

Likewise, she requested the executive to send a similar notice to supermarkets to ensure alcohol sections are not accessed by the underage failure to which their licences will be revoked.

However, the majority of the ward representatives opposed the proposal saying that there were existing laws that should be applied to control the sale of alcohol.

At the same time, the members said the move could deny the county much-needed revenue and that some schools were built after some alcoholic joints had been established.