Two suspected thugs gunned down in Langata shootout

A loaded Blow P99A pistol recovered from the criminals during the Friday night Langata shootout. [Courtesy]

Two armed gangsters were on Friday night shot dead by Police last night, after they attacked a woman and robbed her of her mobile phone and other valuables.

Police on patrol responded to the distress call from the victim who had just been dropped off by a taxi along Muhoho Road, in Langata. 

“A scuffle ensued as the thugs attacked her, prompting the woman to scream out for help. This attracted the attention of Police Officers on patrol, who rushed to the scene.,” said DCI.

However, on noticing the fast approaching officers, the thugs took off towards Nairobi West, as they fired at the officers.

After three kilometres from the scene of the robbery, police officers finally caught up with the thugs who declined to surrender and started firing at the officers.

They opened fire on our officers prompting them to respond fatally shooting the suspects.

Police recovered a loaded pistol, with 5 rounds of 5.56 mm calibre from the criminals.

Crime scene officers from DCI documented the scene and the two bodies moved to the City mortuary pending identification.