Valentine’s Day and Men’s conference clash on Twitter

A customer, Judith Wilson [right] buys valentine flowers at Fontanela in Mombasa. Proprietor, Shaddy Kira [left] says the business is not booming due to economic difficulties caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. [Omondi Onyango, Standard]

Men's Conference, an imaginary annual event has been set to counter Valentine’s Day, a day when lovers are expected to express their affection with gifts.

Valentine’s Day, historically, is a celebration of love, where men mostly buy red roses, chocolates, and organize special dates for their lovers, which is seen as a sign of atonement or romance.

However, some men have united against the idea of Valentine’s Day and formed an imaginary conference to enable boyfriends and husbands to escape from meeting the expectations for their significant others.

The idea started as a joke a few years ago, but proponents of this made-up event have managed to stick with their imaginations, coming up with scenarios which include the lining up of imaginary speakers and even setting up an agenda for the non-existent event.

And this year, 2021, the conference, which supposedly is being held in Zambia, is taking a new twist where the men are formally launching the Stingy Men’s Association.

An association, where some critics claim only those with empty wallets have crawled and found their home under it.

With these two events clashing, Twitter is throbbing with hilarious postings.

Mzee Kibor, a famous farmer in Eldoret has been named as the patron of the non-existent event and is expected to virtually address ‘the crowds streaming into an undisclosed location’ according to tweets that have gone viral.

“Here I set off to my digital office with all set virtual address. All men should be tuned in and get these notes from Patron Kibor. Follow my page @MzeeKiborr for live updates from men's conference and be nourished,” reads one of the memes.

Additionally, the launch of the Men’s Stingy Association is also in the offing and has been highlighted as among the top agendas for the day. Their motto being, ‘Let me see what I can do’.