Activist Eliud Owalo claims Langata Road school land was grabbed by Jubilee politician

Political activist Eliud Owalo visiting the controvercial Langata Road Primary School in Langata Constituency (Photo: courtesy)

Nairobi, Kenya: Political activist Eliud Owalo Wednesday morning visited the Langata Road Primary School in Langata Constituency, Nairobi on a fact finding mission with a view to ascertaining the circumstances in which the school playground has been grabbed by an alleged private developer.

In his fact finding mission Owalo reported that the School Management, who seem to be operating in an atmosphere of state-instigated fear; said that the playground has been grabbed by the nearby hotel through proxy for purposes of putting up a car park.

He further reported that the Hotel, which is associated with a prominent politician within the Jubilee Government, hatched the plot to grab the Land towards Christmas day last year and completed the fraudulent transaction within a matter of days through the connivance of the relevant state organs.

 The Land was first fraudulently and irregularly allocated to a former Nairobi Mayor,then transferred to a businessman of Asian origin before being finally transferred to the Hotel in a matter of days  to create the perception that the hotel has bought the land from the open market. Fencing of the plot was subsequently undertaken in a span of four days,with the construction works being undertaken both day and night under the supervision of hired armed thugs.

 Both the Nairobi County Government and the National Land Commission are aware of the fraudulent and irregular transaction, yet are unwilling to come to the rescue of the school due to political pressure from the top echelons of the Jubilee establishment.

 This level of impunity is unacceptable within the context of the current political and constitutional dispensation. It is political bad manners for holders of high  political offices to use their power and influence to grab public facilities. I will work with other progressive forces to ensure that the irregular allocation and grabbing of the School Playground is nullified. This historical insatiable lust for public Land by certain politicians which is well-documented must be put to a stop once and for all."