School holiday getaway ideas for the family

The August holidays are almost here and if you are looking for a fuss free cheapie holiday plan, here are some tips you can use
1.     Involve children in planning

Move over millennials and the centennials, we now have Generation Alpha, kids born after 2010. Yes, they are not even 10-years-old but according to Expedia Group Media Solutions, they are influencing family travel decisions and planning than previously thought. “Although they do not make the purchases themselves, the tech-savvy generation is predicted to become the richest, longest-living and most well-educated generation by the time its numbers reach close to two billion by 2025.” Planning, says the research gives them a sense of ownership. They will create itineraries while bringing their burst of energy to the process. If they do not like it, this is where the holiday ends. We have deliberately listed this as the first point in planning for a brief holiday.

2.     Find an all-inclusive option

The August holidays are not the longest. Therefore, look for an all-inclusive holiday solution that will not require you to run around the holiday location searching for cheaper meals. Kenya’s coast has many options that offer full-board packages at affordable rates. To beat the competition and woo more customers, many hotels are now offering full-board services at subsidised rates and a quick search on the Internet will show who is offering what.

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3.     A child friendly location

Keeping children fully entertained is every parent’s nightmare. With advance planning, however, this need not be a tough call. Plan a holiday around entertainment spot or theme parks that can be enjoyed by the whole family. When booking, find out the entertainment options available rather than be disappointed once you arrive at the destination. You do not want to have some annoyed brood throughout you vacation days.

4.     Apartment or a hotel?

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Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. A hotel might be more expensive as you may need to book separate rooms for family members. A hotel, however, offers more in-house conveniences especially for parents who also need some relaxation. On the other hand, an apartment offers a homely environment and gives you a chance to cook, relax and even sleep in more spacious rooms than a hotel. Apartments generally cost less than a hotel with similar facilities.

5.     Parks and animal orphanages

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Kenya is replete with animal parks and orphanages. Take advantage of visiting these facilities where children rates are usually lower than those of adults. Did you know that our national parks have some of the best and affordable accommodation facilities in the wild? KWS guest houses are among the best furnished facilities in the parks. Check their availability from the KWS head offices in Langata before heading out into the wild. Usually, a deposit is required during booking and the rest of the payment made before travel dates.

6.     Educational tours

Not all vacations require that you get out of the city. If your family is made of nature enthusiasts, there is plenty to do within the city boundaries. Nairobi has three natural forests – Karura, Ololua, and Ngong. Besides biking, these forests contain a trove of information about the environment. Are you a bird enthusiast? Every Wednesday, Nature Kenya organises birding walks from the Kenya National Museum. In the era of Competency Based Curriculum where parents are key cogs to their children’s success, it is both fun and educational to learn more about nature without breaking the bank.

7.     Get on the train

It does not matter how many times you have been on the train to the coast. Every trip is unique. This is the best way to sample Kenya’s vast landscape. It is comfortable, affordable and allows the whole family to bond for several hours. Carry some card games to avoid boredom. While meals are served on the train, you are allowed to carry your own bitings.

8.     Camping trips

Many Kenyans are averse to camping. The thought of sharing accommodation with some creeping creatures is a holiday damper. However, camping is one of the most adventurous vacation ideas that will keep spending within your set boundaries. Naivasha offers many camping options with clean toilets and barbeque pits provided in several spots. Camping is one way of teaching children to be self-reliant and to work with their hands.

9.     Fancy some homestay?

Perhaps you have heard of Airbnb, the homestay solution. In whatever fashion, more Kenyans are opening their homes to paying guests. You get to stay with your host, cook and eat together. Talk of a home away from home. Again, a quick search will show the current listings and prices within your preferred destination.

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