Not Namibia! Harry and Meghan Markle can visit these 6 places in Kenya on their honeymoon

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex kiss on the steps of St George's Chapel after their wedding in Windsor, England on Saturday 19th May 2018.
Over three billion people are said to have watched The Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the weekend of 19th May 2018. All tongues are talking about where the newlyweds will have their honeymoon. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle now referred to as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have chosen to postpone their honeymoon so they can attend Prince Charles 70th birthday. Blood is thicker than engine oil, you know.

It is rumoured that the couple may spend their honeymoon in Namibia or Botswana. However, there are better places they could have fun in Kenya. We believe Kenya is special because it is the place where Harry's grandmother first heard that her father (George VI) had died on 6 February 1952 and she became Queen. 

So dear Harry and Meghan, here are six awesome things you can do in Kenya.

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1. A romantic walk in Karura forest

This is a special forest - thanks to Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, the founder of the Greenbelt Movement. She fought tooth and nail to save the forest from developers who wanted to grab the forest land. Were it not for Wangari, Karura forest would a concrete jungle. That makes the forest special.

The forest has beautiful indigenous trees like the Silver Oak. 

Karura would make a good getaway for the two lovebirds. With its ever-chirping birds, the leafy environment would provide a cheap honeymoon experience for the two to walk, run around or have a garden picnic while seated on a Maasai shuka.

2. Mama Oliech's for a tasty meal of fish and ugali 

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The restaurant is run by the mother of former Harambee Stars footballer Denis Oliech. The eatery has hosted several celebrities including Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg and former Everton midfielder Leon Osman. The sumptuous ugali and tilapia dish will offer a great culinary experience to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

3. SGR trip to Mombasa via the spectacular Tsavo

SGR Madaraka Express train has, since its inauguration, been the favourite mode of transport for Nairobi or Mombasa–bound travellers. Prince Harry and his newly-wedded wife would enjoy a four-hour trip to the coastal city of Mombasa, enjoying a modern version of the Lunatic Express. The two are advised to make sure they don't get caught in traffic jam lest they miss the train.

To avoid getting caught in traffic they could hop onto a boda boda. This mode of transport has been tried, tested and certified as the official traffic beater. After getting to Miritini the tuk tuk would be the ideal mode of transport. This would give Harry an opportunity to hold Meghan close to protect her from falling over.

4. Boat ride at Uhuru Park

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Despite being known as the epicentre of political tensions in Kenya, Uhuru Park is one of the cheapest recreational facilities in the world. The boat ride and a snack of soda with bread or roasted maize on the cob would be a perfect treat for Meghan with hawk-eyed Royal Navy divers watching in case…

5. Burma Market for tasty Nyama Choma

Burma Market is well known for meat and is popular with the Jubilee politicians led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.  A visit there would give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex the best relaxing moments as they enjoy pieces of metre-long mutura and soup distilled from goat heads and hooves, a dish of mashakura would also suffice. Locals believe that this is the perfect concoction to boost fertility and there good for newly-weds. Mashakura is a scary melee of all Kenyan dishes in one plate.

6. Lwang'ni beach in Kisumu

We will not forget the home of Barrack Obama. Once the two royals are done with Nairobi, the lakeside city of Kisumu would be the best destination for fish at Lwang'ni Beach. Loosely interpreted as a place of houseflies, once Harry and his wife get to Lwang'ni they will find several waiters lined outside the eateries welcoming visitors and will be more than willing to serve them with a pocket-friendly meal of traditionally spiced fish.

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What else do you think Harry and Meghan can do in Kenya?

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