Foods that increase your blood pressure

Selection of different cuts of fresh raw red meat on display.
Having a high blood pressure increases your chances of getting heart, kidney and brain complications.

Besides maintaining a healthy weight, being active and avoiding dehydration, observing your diet is the easiest way to make remarkable changes on your blood pressure reading.

These are the foods to avoid to maintain healthy blood pressure.

1.      Soy sauce

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Mostly used in Chinese food, the sodium content in the sauce is very high. Most soysauces contain about 1000 milligrammes of sodium per teaspoon (recommended daily intake is 2300 milligrammes) and thus if you have to use it, cut down on the table salt use or opt for the low sodium options.

2.      Red meats

Red meat is loaded with cholesterol, and this increases your blood pressure naturally. This is because Cholesterol tends to clog your blood vessels. So cut it out completely or eat sparingly.

3.      Alcohol

Taken in small amounts, alcohol is harmless. But if your reading is too high, it is best to completely avoid it. Alcohol has also been known to interfere with blood pressure medication.

4.      Energy drinks

Research shows that consuming an energy drink immediately raises your blood pressure and it could be risky if you are prone to hyper tension. This is due to their high caffeine content.

5.      Noodles

Avoid noodles and other convenient meals because of their high sodium content. Some brands have been found to contain 986 milligrammes of sodium per packet while the recommended amount per day is 2300 milligrammes (one teaspoon of table salt).

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