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Breaking the adult diaper stigma in Kenya

By Rading Biko | Published Fri, May 19th 2017 at 08:19, Updated May 19th 2017 at 16:40 GMT +3

When people think about adult diapers, they usually envision an elderly adult who has unfortunately lost control over their bladder over the years.

Mention the issue of adult diapers to many people in Kenya and a skeptical look will cross their face… adult what?! Others will do a double take like they have just seen you for the first time ever. There’s a stigma that seems to be associated with adult diapers in our society. Like most stigmas, it is due to lack of information.

Adult diapers greatly reduce the physical burden of caring for loved ones and redeem the dignity of those receiving care. They also reduce dignity related arguments between the care givers and receivers. This reduces emotional and psychological stress for both parties.

Adult diapers are used to help people with temporary or long term bladder and bowel movement control problems (incontinence) to lead a more normal and dignified life. The bladder and bowel control problems can be due to accidents, sickness, disabilities or old age catching up with us. Adult diapers absorb urine, help protect the skin from urine and keep urine from wetting one’s clothes. They also have leak guards that keep faecal matter from leaking and messing one’s clothes.

Adult diapers are similar to baby diapers, but are designed to fit adults and can contain the considerably greater amount of urine and faecal matter that adults pass. There are also adult diapers that are designed to look and be worn in a similar way to ordinary underwear. These are called adult pants or underwear and are functionally similar to adult diapers. However, they are more expensive than adult diapers because they require more material in order to wrap fully around a person’s waist like ordinary underwear (the material that wraps around the waist is stretchy and hence expensive).

5 years ago, Marvel Five Investments Limited introduced Comfrey Adult Diapers as a solution to the palpable stress and deep anguish, they felt being experienced by adult care providers as well as the feeling of shame and reduced dignity felt by adult care receivers.

Comfrey Adult Diapers are Kenya’s best-selling because they are:

The best quality - no compromise is made on quality.

Approved by KEBS.

Reasonably priced – the company’s calling is to help customers, not rip them off.

Incredibly absorbent - they are made from amazingly absorbent polymer layers.

Well ventilated and very hygienic.

Leak-proof - they are fitted with leak guards on the sides of the adult diaper.

Have fastening tapes (used to secure the diaper to the individual) that can be re-fastened over and over without losing their stickiness.

Discreet and therefore difficult to tell that they have actually been worn.

Unisex – can be used by either males or females.

Very comfortable

Comfrey Adult Diapers come in different sizes that fit the diverse body sizes in the country.

They have simplified signs at the front of the packet showing the corresponding adult waist size in inches (same measurements one uses when getting fitted for a dress or trouser by a tailor).

Comfrey Adult Diapers are available in most supermarkets in Kenya

Other marvelous products made by Marvel Five Investments Ltd alongside Comfrey Adult Diapers are: Sunny Girl Sanitary Pads, Marvel Girl Sanitary Pads, Marvel Girl Panty Liners, Marvel Baby Wipes and Sunny Girl Skin Care Wipes



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