Airobotics launches automated drone platform

The automated Airobotics drone landscape. [PHOTOS: BRIGID CHEMWENO/STANDARD]

Airobotics, an Israel based company has built an automatic drone platform that enables customers to run drone missions autonomously.

The company that deals with aerospace hardware design, robust electronic systems and leading software engineering in Israel, has made it possible to monitor, inspect, survey, and secure large industrial facilities and other strategic sites.

“By taking the drone pilot and operator out of the equation, Airobotics removes the most expensive and hard to find component of industrial drone operations,” co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Ran Krauss said.

Krauss, who recently participated in the Start Tel Aviv Innovation festival held in Israel in early October, said his team has designed a solution suited to address the needs of the world’s most complex industrial environments.

The system comprises of three major components: Optimus, airbase and airobotics software.

Optimus is a large, high capacity drone capable of carrying out 30-minute missions while ferrying a one-kilogram mission specific payload. Airbase is an automated base station from which the optimus drone launches on its own, without any human intervention. The airobotics software is an integrated, dynamic software that enables users to control and manage missions with one click.

The optimus contains a custom designed robotic arm which automatically switches batteries and payloads once the drone returns to airbase, minimising downtime between flights.

The airbase, which is completely sealed, waterproof, durable, and corrosion resistant provides status updates, anomaly detection and alerts. “Airobotics solution is best positioned to add value to complex industries such as mining, oil and gas, sea ports, and other industrial facilities. These industry sectors benefit greatly from harnessing aerial insights, surveying and mapping, inspection, security and emergency response applications,” he said.

As a completely automatic and operated aerial system, Krauss says airobotics empowers industrial companies to leverage the power of drones without the need for skilled and expensive drone operators.

Additionally, he notes that airobotics delivers an automatic drone platform capable of executing a nearly infinite number of missions for its operators.