Russian man 'marries' a pizza because love between humans is 'too complicated'

Well wishers: Others in the pizza restaurant congratulate the newlyweds (Photo Courtesy)

Struggling to find the love of your life? It's a pizza cake for this Russian groom.

The un-named man married a pizza after becoming fed up with being single.

The bizarre wedding ceremony took place in a pizzeria in the city of Tomsk in south-central Russia.

The newlywed admitted he did not have a 'deep-pan' meaningful relationship with his 'bride', but had the idea after deciding there was 'mushroom' for improvement in traditional relationships between two people.

Deciding he would be 'feta' off alone the man decided to marry his one true love - food.

He said: "At some point I realised that half of my friends were complaining about their better half, while the others were complaining about the lack of a better half."

"Love between two humans is a complicated wild thing. I was grateful that I had at least my love of food and then it came to me that actually love for food remains stable no matter what."

"Pizza would not reject you or betray you, and speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it."

Sceptical Russian authorities refused to give official permission to register the unusual marriage at a registry office, and the church also turned him down.

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