Home made weed ice-cream left couple running around naked hallucinating and pleading cops for help

Iceland: A couple who made homemade cannabis ice-cream were left regretting their culinary exploits after one of them ended up running around outside naked and the other was so worried about their mental health that she called police.

The unnamed couple had gone to a cottage in the remote west Iceland town of Borgarbyggð for a weekend break and decided to try out a special recipe.

One of them had downloaded instructions off the internet of how to make hash ice cream and after arriving at the house, they set about making the intoxicating dessert.

Shortly after eating the frozen treat, the boyfriend stripped naked and began running around outside suffering hallucinations.

According to Icelandic police, the girlfriend became very ill and rushed to call the emergency services, after becoming concerned about both their mental health.

After officers arrived, the two cannabis chefs were taken to hospital for treatment and observation.

Once they were passed fit by doctors, the two young lovers were driven back to their parents’ homes - as officers did not feel ‘“it was a good idea for them to be alone”.

Icelandic police revealed details of the incident on their Facebook page, where they said the remainder of the ice cream had been seized by investigators.

The police said: This example shows that people should perhaps be careful in believing everything on the internet and to take care with all drugs, no matter in what form they appear.”