Kenyans should be lauded for voting peacefully

It is interesting that the majority of Kenyans have voted peacefully.

This gives a positive impression to all Kenyans and foreign countries who are watching the election process. It demonstrates that Kenyans are exercising democracy in accordance with the law. 

In some countries, elections cause divisions among tribes and communities because people vote not because they have a good candidate, but because they want their village or tribe’s leader to be elected.

This has caused voters to reject good leaders because they believe in electing relatives, no matter how bad they are.

Kenya has a moral responsibility to maintain peace while we await the results, having completed the voting process.

We should not be fixated on who will win. Let us be flexible and ready to support whoever wins, whether you voted for them or not.

We must strengthen the resilience of Kenyan communities most vulnerable to misinformation by providing the tools they need to identify threats and prioritise solutions that are contextually relevant.

A letter from Samwel Obegi, Rongo.