Mr Wanderlust endorses Kenya destinations

World's most travelled man, Fred Finn [Omondi Onyango,Standard].

He claims to have visited Kenya 600 times, flown for 30,000 hours, married eight times and earned the superlative of the world’s most travelled man.

We caught up with Fred Finn at the Leopard Beach Resort where he told us he doesn't plan to slow down any time soon.

At 80 years, he says, he still has the energy and passion to continue flying across the world until he is over a century old.

It’s an addiction, he says. ''I have an addiction. It is not drug addiction and it’s not illegal, it’s travel addiction,'' says the one-time consultant with Ethiopian Airlines.

He added: "I'm not old enough to retire. I will consider the retirement when I'm 100 years old," said Mr Finn who has visited Kenya 600 times including the current trip.

In 1983, the Briton was awarded the Guinness World Record for 'the most miles traveled man."

He had then crossed the Atlantic by the plane more than 2,000 times.

"I've now clocked more than 30,000 hours of flying. I've visited 139 countries including Kenya which I first visited in 1970,” says Mr Wanderlust,

He has seen his share of aeroplane cabins from the classic Boeing Stratoliner to the 747, and today’s next-generation planes. He has watched aircraft cabins evolve, and seen many iconic airline brands dwindle or disappear.

The father of eight is married to the Ukrainian Alla, 45. "I've had seven other wives but now I'm married to Alla," says the travel consultant who advises airlines and tourism bodies.

Of his eight 8 children, he said only his daughter Louanna is following his footsteps.

"She is a chip from an old block really. She travels a lot also because of her work. She is in the fashion business," he said.

Because of his journeys, Finn has met world leaders. In 1997, he met former President the late Mzee Daniel Moi when he led a delegation of tourists who visited Kenya.

He says he also convinced Virgin Group billionaire Richard Branson and his wife to visit Kenya. Other guests he has brought to Kenya include Prince Michael of Kent and Sarah, Duchess of York, he adds.

He has all the records of his travels. "I travel to all countries in the Sub-Saharan region. I've however never gone to north Africa," he said.

Finn’s first flight was when he was 18 from UK to the US. Since then, as a tourism and airlines consultant, he is always on the skies.



''Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, I feel safe here and want to encourage all those eyeing for a well-deserved holiday to consider Kenya as their vacation destination.”

He told us in an interview minutes before he boarded an aircraft from Ukunda airstrip to Nairobi.

''I fell in love with Kenya on my first flight. Each time there is a global crisis, I come to Kenya to assure the world that it is safe here. It is not different with these times of Coivd-19," he said.

He added; "I feel much safer here. I've seen a very high level of Covid-19 health protocol compliance."

He further explains that Kenya's natural beauty is unmatched and boasts a snow-capped mountain on the Equator, wildlife that roam in their natural habitat in plenty with the Maasai Mara being one of his must-visit sites.

''I am an avid nature lover and love sightseeing at Lake Nakuru and Bogoria where there is abundant birdlife. But my most ideal holiday destination is the Kenya Coast for that reason Diani,'' he said.

Leopard Beach Resort General Manager, Kioko Musyoki termed Fred's visit as not only a boost to the hotel but Kenya as a whole.

''I will be back in March 2021 with my wife and friends,” he told us on his way to the airstrip.