Since 1902

By Peter Atsiaya

Religious leaders from Nyanza Province will today conduct inter-denominational prayers for US presidential candidate Barack Obama.

More than 45 bishops will lead the prayers to be held at Kogelo dispensary in Obama’s ancestral home, this morning.

Nyanza Council of Churches chairman Bishop Washington Ngede said the prayers would continue overnight.

"Majority of churches in the region have come together in solidarity with Obama. We will pray for him and for peaceful elections in America," said Ngede.

"Prayers are key to Obama’s success," Ngede told the Press in Kisumu yesterday.

He said religious leaders would assemble at the Power of Jesus Around the World Church in Kisumu this morning, before proceeding to Kogelo for the prayer session.

"Obama is Africa’s hope. His win would be a victory for Africa and the whole world," said Ngede.

He said after the prayers the clergy and members of the congregation would join Obama’s family in monitoring the elections.

"We will stay put with family members at the home to monitor the polls live on TV before ushering in his victory," he added.

Local leaders have sponsored installation of a giant screen at Sarah Obama’s home, to enable residents follow proceedings.

"Kogelo residents will be able to follow the elections from the screen at Sarah’s home. We want them to be in touch with the historical elections at all times," said Nicholas Rajula, co-ordinator of the programmes.

Plans were underway to install another giant TV set at Kenyatta Grounds in Kisumu for town residents.

Ngede called for calm among Kenyans as Obama faced the elections.