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Health and safety: Things to keep in mind when travelling

 People with bikes enjoying the King Muuru area at the Upper Imenti Forest. [Wilberforce Okwiri, Standard]

Check-in countertops: Look out for whether there are measures put in place to ensure that the check-in countertops or tables are disinfected to free them from bugs, and bacteria. They may look clean but may be bug-infested.

Keep your luggage in sight: Watch over your luggage at all times. If you have a lot of luggage, ask for a porter to help you bring it to the check-in point or carry them to your room.

Keep it private: While checking in, ensure that you keep personal details such as identification away from the public – write them down as opposed to announcing them loudly. Your room number and your name should be communicated to you privately.

Do not reveal your room number whether at the check-in stop, or restaurant or expose it to a stranger you have just met. If you must meet a stranger, do so in public spaces, or better still out of the place you are staying for security reasons.

Do not open the door to your room unless you know the person who is at the door.

Do not leave your valuables lying around: Theft has happened even in the “safest of hotels”. Always put your valuables in the safe even if it means paying a small fee for this service.

Use the 'Do not disturb sign': Hotel rooms or homestays are not entirely private until you use this sign. If you want to be alone, the sign makes sure everyone knows this.

If you often get sick while travelling, chances are you may have contracted something from one of the dirty places listed here: luggage cart handrails, bathroom doors, toilet handles, TV remotes and doorknobs, desktops, refrigerator handles and nightstands.

Do not drink tap water. Always have bottled water.

Look out for bedbugs and other fleas: Bedbugs and fleas are tiny, nasty, and harmful. Do not be deceived, they are found even at high-end hotels and stays and are the worst unwanted souvenirs. Be on alert and check for incriminating signs before you put your luggage down on the bed, or furniture. Watch out for blood or faecal stains on the sheets, mattress, headboard, couch, chairs, and other furniture.

 Hotel rooms and homestays, especially common areas experience a lot of traffic each day. Always wash your hands when returning to your room or use a hand sanitiser after touching any of the listed germy spots.

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