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Nakuru politician seen nibbling mpango's breasts in nudes claims he was hacked

Young and handsome, his squeeze is yellow-yellow, voluptuous, and gentle on the eye.

The man is photographed sucking on her titty like his life depends on it – a warm glint in his eye. In another photo, they are spooning, stark naked and seemingly satiated after playing a game of darts that appears not to have ended prematurely. In other photos, he is ravenously licking her forehead, proving that there are many ways of skinning a cat!

Nothing wrong with all that, except that the man is a married Nakuru politician, the woman in question is not his wife, and the photos popped up on a Facebook account apparently created for the purpose of squeezing heshima out of mheshimiwa.

It seems to have worked, for the red-faced mhesh has taken deep cover. Our sources whisper that he suffered such an emotional beating from the expose that two days after his bits were splashed online, he skipped a big political event that was held barely a kilometre from his home.

When The Nairobian reached him for comment (we cannot name him for legal reasons), he claimed the woman in question was his wife and not a mpango.

“The woman in the pictures is my wife and we have children together. This is the woman you will find in my house if you visit this minute,” he told The Nairobian in a phone interview.

We, however, established that the politician was dabbling in “alternative facts” because the woman who lives in his home is a totally different person.

When we sought her comment, she firmly kept her lips shut. But her close friends revealed that the couple had gone back together after Satan and the social media storm over the nudes temporarily put them asunder.  

The big question: how did the nudes pop up on social media?

The politician says he was shocked when the photos surfaced on the internet because he had not shared them with anyone.

He claimed his phone may have been hacked or physically accessed by a second party without his knowledge by persons he said have been attempting to extort him.

“The photos were on my phone. Someone illegally accessed and retrieved them then tried blackmailing me. But I swore to them that they wouldn’t get a coin from me,” the politician said.

But sources close to the man intimate that the photos were taken in November last year and have been the cause of domestic squabbles between him and his wife. They also suspect that the woman the politician was nailing could have leaked them to get back at him.

Apparently, the woman who is the politician’s side chick got jealous when she discovered that her mortar wasn’t the only crucible his pestle was pounding.  

“She wasn’t the only side chick. She started investigating him. She wanted to use the photos to get even with the randy fellow,” our source revealed.

She further described the politician and Casanova as a “sweet-tongued man who easily convinces anyone, including women, to get him whatever he wants and one who is embraced even by people who don’t know him.”

But the author of the pseudo account that published the nudes said her motive was to get even with the politician for hurting his lover’s husband who happens to be her friend.

“The woman in the pictures with whom this politician has been having an affair lives in Nairobi and is married to a Nairobi man who is my friend. This affair has really depressed him and that has hurt me,” she said.

The politician however declined to comment on allegations that he was cheating on his wife with another man’s wife.

A resident who spoke to the Nairobian revealed that after the photos surfaced, trouble erupted in mheshimiwa’s home and that he was visibly bubbling with stress, tension, and shame.  

“He had to spend the night at a friend’s house in the neighbourhood when the photos leaked. It has been hard for him to appear in public since,” he said, adding that some elders visited the politician’s home to diffuse the tension between him and his wife.

Could this scandal threaten his career with elections around the bend? Not quite. Kenyan voters have been known to shower votes on swindlers, thieves, and fornicators and he may find himself erected (oops) with a landslide.

But only if he gathers the guts to crawl out of hiding and hit the campaign trail!


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