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Women can never be satisfied, says Kakamega man with eight wives


A Kenyan man with eight wives and seven concubines has said that it is impossible to satisfy a woman.

David Sakayo Kalukhana, who has sired 107 children, and describes his tool of trade as a 'ruthless, tough, long, and curved muscle of pure sweetness', has also asked men to dialogue with their wives and girlfriends so that they can remain loyal.

"My gun is good enough, but I can't satisfy them. So we talk and agree, and they respect me for that," Kalukhana told the Nairobian on the phone from Teresia Village on the edge of Kakamega.

The 61-year-old said that the demands of women keep growing, depending on many factors and that sex and money alone would not make them satisfied to stay.

"If it's sex, they would want to experience something bigger after some time. They can also follow men who have more money than you because they are human and want the best things in life," Kalukhana said, adding, "The little I get, I call my women so that we can share. If it's sex, yes, I have a lot of proper sex that at times I get five children born in the same month."

Wise men's trick

Kalukhana, whose name means 'turn around' in Luhya, said that wise men keep more women because they are smart and work hard to get the best things in this world.

"You will never understand women no matter how hard you try, but if you get one who has been brought up well or has brains, you can talk and understand each other. In fact, they will respect you," Kalukhana said.

He went on to say that it was very wrong for a man to lavish attention on a woman and that the best sex is makeup sex, which everyone enjoys the most.

"Make her angry, and don't show her attention. That moment you find her, know that she will be ready for everything," he said.

Kalukhana told men that they should not fear chasing the best things in the world and that men with one wife are failures, weak, and do not deserve to speak when wise men are talking.

"One wife may give birth to children with mental or physical challenges. More wives also compete and bring prosperity to the home," he says.

"Maintaining more than two families is expensive and requires you to have wisdom and patience. You have to stand your ground and avoid being seen as favouring any of the wives. You should also provide the necessities and pay your children's school fees," he said.

"Women are like babies, they love attention and being taken care of. Do your best, and talk to them; they will listen and be loyal," he said.

He added that many young men are looking very old because they have slept recklessly with women.

"Have sex with the right person because sex is important. I am married to many wives, but at times I can go up to five months without having sex with the same woman because she is pregnant. When we meet, however, it is always a fight," Kalukhana says.

Sowing oats

Kalukhana, who is a peasant farmer, has married eight women who live both in Kenya and Uganda.

He lives with two of his wives in Malava, while the six others, whom he has bought and spread across the country and in Uganda, live elsewhere.

He said that when he married his seventh wife, the third wife played a big part in welcoming her, and they even lived under the same roof.

"My first wife is from Musanda village in Mumias. Then I went for a Maasai beauty and added two Luhyas from Kabras, and others from Uganda: Alego and Mt. Elgon. The latest is from Nandi," he said on the phone.

Kalukhana often visits the other women to satisfy their needs. He also talks to his children on their mobile phones and keeps talking to them on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Kalukhana's third wife, Josca Mukhwana, 39, told the Nairobian that she married him when she was 15 years old and has 11 children aged between 25 and 5."I always welcome my co-wives, even cook for them and share my house with them before they move out to their houses. Of course, friction flares up now and then among us, but it always fizzles out with time," said Josca.

Josca cautioned women that they should not be dramatic when their husbands bring another wife home.

"If your man has decided to marry, there is little you can do. Fighting could be counterproductive. You better save the energy to talk to him and remind him to remember to provide for you and your children," she said, adding that "it has worked for me."

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