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Pastor: Why I can never marry a Kenyan


 Pastor Emanuel Ushindi is a gospel singer originally from DR Congo but currently residing in Nairobi.Apart from being a gospel musician, he is also a minister of the Word and on various occasions, he takes his ministry of music and preaching to different places.In Kenya, he is very popular with his hit songs, Dunda Mu Yesu, Heshimu Wazazi, Kamundala, Habari za Kilio and Uheshimiwe Baba.While ministering at a church in Eastlands last weekend, the father of 11 narrated emotionally how he lost his wife in a tragic road accident. He said that the incident was so sudden that it took him many days before coming to terms with it“I really loved my wife, and I couldn’t believe it when this happened. To make matters worse, the accident completely disfigured her and so I didn’t even want to look at her body,” he said.

Understand your husband

Pastor Ushindi said that the accident happened when she was travelling back home in DRC. They were to go together but he was opposed to the journey. He just didn’t feel it was the right time to travel back home.However, she insisted on going and he decided to remain behind but let her go. Unfortunately, the accident happened before she reached the airport.Ushindi urged marriage partners to be understanding of each other and avoid unnecessary collisions.“If you are a wife, try to understand what your husband tells you, and if you are a man also take the interest and opinions of your wife very serious. Many a time, we fall into problems because of choosing to ignore them,” he said.Pastor Ushindi said that after 15 years of remaining single, it was now time to remarry. However, he emphasised that he would never marry a Kenyan lady.“Nawaambia kukaa muhuni si kazi rahisi, tangia mke wangu afariki miaka 15 iliyopita, nimekaa na upweke na najua kuwa si jambo rahisi. Kama kuna mchungaji anakaa bila bibi, lazima awe anapitia masaibu mengi (Staying single is a tough calling, I tell you... I have been a bachelor for 15 good years after the passing away of my wife and I can tell you, this is not something easy. If there is a pastor who doesn’t have a wife, I can tell you he is lying to you since people are not steel),” Pastor Ushindi told congregants at a Mowlem church.

 The ideal wife is a Congolese

However, Ushindi said his ideal wife is a Congolese just like him. “Nawaambia naenda kuoa hivi karibuni lakini si Mkenya..maana Wakenya nimewajua zaidi. Wengi ni watu wa kiburi na pia hawana heshima kwa waume zao. Si kama kule kwetu wanawake wamefunzwa kuheshimu waume na kunyenyekea kila wakati (I will marry very soon but not a Kenyan because I know them... Most of them disrespect their husbands and unlike in our country where women are taught how to stay with their husbands, this is not the cause here),” he said.Pastor Ushindi added that the reason he detests Kenyan ladies was that you can not share your M-Pesa or ATM PIN with them. If you do so, they will sweep everything and go a way.“Sisi kwetu hatuna shida kushare PIN ya M-Pesa ama ATM na kadhalika na mke wako, lakini ukijaribu hapa Kenya, utajipata huna kitu nakwambia (Back in our country, people are used to sharing even sensitive things and information, but I have found out this is not the case in Kenya as you can be left high and dry),” he said.

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