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Kajala makes amends with daughter for dating same man

 Actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula. (Courtesy)

Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala and her daughter Paula Kajala have chosen to reconcile and mend their relationship following a tumultuous period where they were both allegedly involved with the same man.

In a heartfelt episode of their reality show, "Behind The Gram," Frida, overcome with tears, made a sincere effort to repair her bond with Paula, who had distanced herself after Frida reunited with Harmonize last year.

During the show, Frida woke Paula up to share a meal and humbly requested her forgiveness. Tearfully, Frida expressed deep remorse, acknowledging her shortcomings as a mother and the lack of consideration she had given to the impact her actions would have on Paula.

"I apologize. I feel like I have let you down as a mother. You have always looked up to me, and I realize that. We have always shared a strong bond, but I made a decision that went against your advice. I am truly sorry. It pains me now to realize there were important factors I failed to consider. I feel terrible, but I cannot change the past," Frida earnestly conveyed her apologies.

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During another scene, Frida confided in a therapist, discussing Paula's emotional struggles and the distress she experienced due to the intense public scrutiny surrounding their involvement with the same man. Frida expressed her concern about how people perceived Paula, considering the unusual situation of sharing a partner with her own mother.

"One day, she confided in me about her concerns regarding people's judgments. She feared that the negative attention could have long-lasting consequences on her life. Her words made me realize the depth of her pain," Frida shared during the therapy session.

Paula graciously accepted her mother's apologies, acknowledging their ability to move forward and leave the painful experience behind them.

In April, Frida revealed that she had moved on from her relationship with Harmonize and is now involved with a prominent politician from Kenya. While she chose not to disclose her current partner's name, Kajala expressed a desire to maintain privacy and shared limited information about him.

During an interview with Mambo Mseto, Frida opened up about her separation from Harmonize. She described their relationship as tumultuous, expressing her feelings of being undervalued and unappreciated by him. Frida believed that their intimacy had become a monotonous routine, with Harmonize taking her for granted.

Frida expressed her understanding towards Harmonize, considering his youth and need for personal space, and did not solely blame him for their breakup.

Despite giving Harmonize a second chance after their initial separation, Frida now regrets rekindling their relationship and acknowledges the negative consequences it had.

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