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A Cabinet shuffle is in the offing, and this is more than just 'hearsay' from corridors of power

Peter Kimani
 President William Ruto signs an Executive Order as DP Rigathi Gachagua and CSs Ababu Namwamba and Davis Chirchir look on, September 2022. [PCS]

A Cabinet shuffle is in the offing, and this is more than just ‘hearsay’ from corridors of power

I have heard it on the grapevine - the word invented by Ababu “Smart” Namwamba this week is “hearsay” - is that a Cabinet shuffle could be in the offing.

Reason? Prezzo Bill Ruto is incensed that most, if not all members of his Cabinet, are incompetent.

Prezzo Ruto said he reached this conclusion because when he went for Cabinet briefings, he appeared to know more about those ministries than his ministers.

I think that’s a very unfair assessment of the good men and women who make the Cabinet. Prezzo Ruto must acknowledge none of them is as sharp as he is and few can multi-task.

That’s why in a country of 50 million people only he could research, write and defend a doctoral thesis while still serving the busy office of Vice-President and planning and winning an election.

Such a feat is unprecedented in our nation’s history and it’s unlikely to be repeated in another 50 years.

I half-suspect that Prezzo Ruto was aware of the limitations of his Cabinet and that’s why he shielded them against scrutiny, when they were screened by Parliament.

For now, the priority for these ministers is that they are busy changing their residential areas by buying or stealing homes in upmarket areas of the city.

That’s a draining endeavour entailing greedy lawyers who have to be brought on board to scheme along with them.

And given that such ministers are unable to multitask, due to their aforementioned mental incapacitation, one can only plead for patience from our indefatigable Prezzo.

They will get there, by and by. But if he knows more than his appointees, then Prezzo Ruto could do the nation and himself a great favour.

He could fire them all and run the Cabinet all by himself, as I heard on “hearsay” he is doing already.

The resources freed up by the Cabinet could be used to build a few “affordable” houses for the real hustlers.

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