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Sherlyne Anyango speaks on cancelled wedding


Sherlyne Anyango never thought that exposing her nakedness would affect her in the long run.

“It was just casual. Everyone makes mistakes, just that mine were recorded,” Anyango said remorsefully.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdowns imposed across the world, Anyango took the internet by storm. Dancing her way into viewers’ hearts, she quickly rose to fame and fortune. She claimed to have amassed Sh30 million during this tumultuous period.

“I never thought exposing my nakedness would affect me in the long run. I was to get married at some point, but the guy’s family looked up my name, and they got to see some of the things I was doing on Xtian Dela’s show,” Anyango told Presenter Ali.

She lost the man.

She regrets how she portrayed herself on the show, and looking back, she thinks she could have handled herself with more decorum.

“The mzungu was in love with me, but the family said that was a red flag, and they advised their son not to marry me. That was an eye-opener for me,” she says.

While she acknowledges her mistakes, she realised that it is essential to confront and learn from the consequences of her actions.

“I bought this house. It was around Sh25 million in cash. I was doing private video shows, and people would pay handsomely. I also built a house for my parents, which was Sh4 million, and then I furnished the whole house... I made over Sh30 million in a year,” Anyango said.

She added that she built a house for her parents and still had cash to set up businesses.

“Club Covid gave me a lot of money, and it helped me, but I was butt naked on the show, which is not good. I don’t like how I portrayed myself on that show,” she said.

“My photos caused a strain in my relationship as my fiancé’s family looked up my photos and advised their son not to marry me. I was to get married at some point, but the guy’s family looked up my name, and they got to see some of the things I was doing on Xtian Dela’s show,” she said.

The 23-year-old said she is married to a white man, but they are working on a divorce since they have been apart for the last three months without proper communication.

“I first went to Naiboi’s event in the US, then I met this guy who was ready to marry me; he still married me, for papers, but now we have to divorce. We got married after a month. I was in love with him, but his parents were not okay with it,” she said.

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