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Rapper Xtatic talks of her disappointment in Sony and beef in the industry


Rapper Xtatic

Pulse: Pulsers haven’t heard much from you in terms of singles ever since you signed to renowned music label, Sony Music Entertainment in South Africa. What happened?

Xtatic: I dropped a single last year around March titled We Ride featuring South Africa’s Kwesta and Chelz, so we can’t say I have been quiet. It was available from my social media pages for free. It also got average airplay.

P: That is not much considering the expectations Kenyan fans had of you?

X: It was a multi-album, five-year deal that they (Sony) would be distributing and funding. Within the 5 years I would be expected to push out at the least 3 studio albums funded and distributed by Sony. I have been at Sony for 3 years now; I am yet to release an album.

P: Are you happy with that?

X: Of course not, but it is expected. Three-quarters of signed artistes have issues with their record labels and I am no different. I am disappointed. I feel like it’s their fault. I know it is their fault.

P: What prompted you to ditch Rockstar 4000 as a management company and move to Broadview Corporation?

X: The management was supposed to sell me, Xtatic, as a brand. They were supposed to reach out to corporates and book me for shows, not wait for shows to come calling like they were. That’s why I had to drop them. They were not playing their part.

P: Why not change the label as well?

X: It is harder to change labels or get out of contractual agreements with them because of the major deals artistes have with them. They invest their own money in you as an artiste, so you owe them. As for the management, I don’t owe them much as they are like my business partners. If they are not playing their part, it’s easy to get out of the deal.

P: You recently announced that you will be dropping a mix-tape soon; how soon and is Sony funding it?

X: I am funding the mix-tape myself and distributing it for free. Mix-tapes generally do not need the label’s blessing or funding as it is also distributed for free. The mix-tape will have a mixture of everything from bragging, love, heartbreak, everything. I will release it early February or late this month.

P: Will there ever be an album, funded and distributed by your label?

X: That’s what I’m looking into, 2015 is the year. If it is not released this year, then hopefully early in 2016.

P: Few know about your video producer boyfriend, Mushking. How long have you guys been dating or engaged?

X: He is a very caring, ambitious man with a go-getter attitude. We listen to the same kind of music and criticise each other’s works constructively. Ironically, he has a very keen ear for music, while I am critical of videos. We are engaged and have been dating for four-and-a-half years.

P: So are you two dating or engaged?

X: Both.

P: When did he propose?

X: Let’s just say that we have known each other for long. Four years to be exact.

P: You had unkind words to say about producer Provoke when Wangechi was hospitalised. You accused him on your personal Facebook page of being a liar and spreading lies about you, talking bad about Wangechi and denying you a chance to see her...

X: I really don’t like talking about that. Let’s just say people have fallouts.

P: So we can assume that you guys are OK now?

X: We don’t talk.

P: So have you seen Wangechi?

X: Not yet. We have talked on the phone a number of times.

P: In another recent social media outburst, you were going on about misogyny towards female rappers after a recent blogpost by Capital FM which ranked you at position 7. What was the problem exactly?

X: I wasn’t even mad about the list. I was thankful to be one of two women on a list of Kenya’s best rappers of all time. My issue was when some characters online started questioning why we were even on the list to begin with.

It’s heart-breaking when female rappers always have to play second fiddle and have to work a hundred times harder than men to be recognised. People always find it easier to shoot down female rappers. That is my frustration.


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