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10 most popular indoor plants in Kenya


Most popular indoor plants in Kenya

In many homes nowadays when you visit, you will notice something- an indoor plant.

Interest in these plants grew exponentially during the covid pandemic as people started working from home in a bid to slow spread of the virus. According to Healthline.com indoor plants have many health benefits for instance they may help reduce stress levels, sharpen your attention and working with plants can be therapeutic.

Here are some of the ten most common plants that Kenyans in urban cities plant in their houses, according to Hosea Kipngetich, a consultant at Irish Gardeners in Lower Kabete. 


Snake plant

1. Mother-in-law's tongue also known as Snake plant

It is one of the most popular and hardy species of houseplants. It features stiff leaves that range from six inches to eight feet tall, depending on the variety. Snake plants vary in colour but usually have green banded leaves and commonly feature a yellow border.

A multitasker, many people like the snake plant because it purifies indoor air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

2. Monstera

They are unique, easygoing houseplants whose dramatic leaves are adorned with dramatic hole formations. Monsteras are vining plants and love to trail over the pot or climb along a stake or trellis. They love bright, indirect light, but will thrive under fluorescent lights as well. 


Monstera plant

3. Money plant (Pothos)

Money plants are climbers that can grow up to 20 metres high (depending on the growing medium). They are easy to grow and require no extensive care. They have a special characteristic in that they can grow both in soil and water-filled bottles. However, you have to change water frequently if you choose to grow it in water. There is a believe that having this plant in your house brings good luck, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

4. Golden cane palm

Golden cane palms create an air of elegance and splendour, especially when grown indoors. They remind you of exotic lands far away. They make you feel as if we are in some wonderful palm-fringed beaches, without having to ever leave home. That’s the beauty of it.

It grows best in a semi-shaded position in humid parts of the house. These may include rooms where you use a lot of water such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. 

5. Dracaena

Dracaenas are generally rugged, carefree plants with a robust appearance. They are popular for both home and office spaces. Mature, healthy plants, of some Dracaena varieties (corn plant), can grow to be six feet high and make wonderful specimen plants in your home, sunroom, patio, or garden. It grows best in low light conditions.

6. Spider plant

The spider plant is considered one of the most adaptable of houseplants and the easiest to grow. This plant can grow in a wide range of conditions. Browning of tips is one major problem you would expect to see. You want better results, place them in bright, indirect light and they will thrive.

7. Black Prince Rubber Plant

This is a popular houseplant because of its waxy leaves and larger-than-life appearance. As a domesticated houseplant, rubber plants grow anywhere between six to ten feet tall. Grows better in a nice brightly lit spot without direct sunlight.

8. Chinese money plant

Known for its large, coin-shaped leaves. Its common name is Chinese money plant (legend has it that it will reward the owner with financial fortune). These beauties grow and multiply abundantly. Position it in a bright room, but away from direct sunlight which scorches the leaves. 


Weeping fig (Ficus Benjamina)

9. Weeping fig (Ficus Benjamina)

The Benjamina is one of the most popular small indoor trees quite easy to maintain. It has large arching branches and long pointed leaves. Bright light is what keeps the weeping fig thriving, if partially shaded. A spot that receives some sun and shade during the day is great. Do not move the tree, not even turning it around to prevent leaves being shed.

10. Jade plant

Jade plants are succulent houseplants, which makes them fairly resilient and easy to grow indoors. With their thick, woody stems and oval-shaped leaves, jade plants have a miniature, tree-like appearance that makes them very appealing for use as a decorative houseplant. They live for a very long time, often being passed down from generation to generation and reaching heights of three feet or more when grown indoors.

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