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Filthy man bathed in public, awarded loaf and soda


Taking a shower may be a small personal hygiene matter but when one man’s hygiene becomes a heath risk not just to himself and his family, but also to his colleagues, trust Kenyans to take matters into their own hands.

Such was the case in Nyeri County after mechanics, who were not ready to take chances, spared some little time from their busy schedule to wash their dirty colleague.

The alleged filthy mechanic faced the wrath of his colleagues after they forcefully undressed him and bathed him in public.

After gossiping about him and how he stinks for weeks, fellow mechanics could not take it any more.

“Huyu jamaa hajaoga kwa muda wa wiki kadhaa (This man has not taken a shower for weeks),” said one of his colleagues when asked why they were bathing him.

parade him

Allegedly, the mechanic had not taken a bath for months and was stinking like a mound of waste. They said even after playfully telling him a week ago that they would soon parade him in public and wash him, Mr Dirtyman didn’t take the initiative to clean himself, and this didn’t amuse his colleagues.

The good mechanics went out of their way, and invested in a bar soap and sisal rags. When he showed up for work he was shocked when, without warning, his colleagues pounced on him, and dragged him to a nearby car-wash.

deaf ears

The day had come for him to be hosed down in front all and sundry. As they frogmarched him, he kept complaining and pleading with them not to embarrass him. But they would hear none of it. His excuses and pleas fell on deaf ears.

Once at the car wash, he was not going to take it laying down; he put up a spirited fight but his colleagues overpowered him. They wrestled him to the ground as others undressed him and mocked him in the process. “Sasa wewe, hata unakaa aje na bibi na hii harufu yote (How do you manage to live with your wife, and the way you stink)?” a colleague taunted him.

Using the bar soap and abrasive rags, they lathered and scrubbed him as they made fun of him. “This guy is our friend but he is embarrassing all mechanics in Nyeri by walking around smelling like a goat,” another colleague chuckled.

They washed every inch of his body, much to the amusement of a cheering crowd. In his defence he claimed that the cold season had been too much for him, and he didn’t want to risk his health by coming into contact with cold water. And when asked to warm the water, he claimed he cannot afford fuel to warm water.

“I cannot touch cold water because I have a weak chest but they don’t understand me. And I am not stinking that much because I change my clothes very often,” he defended himself.

Once clean, his friends gave him a clean pair of shorts and a shirt. As a reward for looking clean and having cooperated, they bought him a half-litre soda and half a loaf of bread.

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