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Ivy Juma aka Miss Errands says teaching wasn't as fun


How would you describe yourself?

I am Juma Ivy, a 27-year-old female entrepreneur who is extremely passionate about female entrepreneurship. Currently, I am running two online businesses simultaneously: Miss Edmonds Couture, where I deal with both men’s and women’s wear, and Miss Edmonds Errands, where I offer errand services for people, and they pay me for it. Professionally, I am a teacher. My enthusiasm for business knows no bounds, and nothing brings me greater joy than serving my customers and fulfilling their needs. 

Where did you get the idea to launch this type of business?

For the errands business, I started it after having many thoughts about the challenges faced by people who get extremely busy and are unable to do even the simplest tasks, such as grocery shopping, pickups, and drop-offs. I realised there was a need for someone to assist them with these tasks. That’s where the idea originated from.

When did you start it, and what does the business entail?

Miss Edmonds Errands was established this year. Even though it has been in existence for less than a year, I am already feeling its impact. I started the business to supplement my income because I noticed a gap. Many people needed someone to run errands for them due to their busy schedules. Recognising this opportunity, I decided to seize it. The errands offered by the business include grocery shopping, sourcing items, utility payment assistance, pickups and drop-offs, parcel sending, gift shopping and wrapping, babysitting, meal preparation, and cleaning services.

How have you managed to develop trust?

With The Errands business, trust hasn’t been much of an issue since most of the time, we agree with the customer to send the money directly to whoever I’m sourcing the item they need from. Besides, I have managed to enhance trust due to the fact that I keep on sharing positive feedback from the people I have served with my customers/audience on my various social media platforms. Consequently, they end up trusting my services.

How much do you make in a good month?

For the Errands business, the profit margin differs since different errands are charged differently. The charges vary depending on the time spent, distance, and type of errand. However, in a good month, I get up to 10 errands or less, which can be approximated to make at least between Sh5,000 to Sh12,000 in a good month.

What main challenges do you go through in this business?

My main challenge right now is capital to expand the business and be able to serve all my customers’ needs. I have an overwhelming number of customers, and sometimes meeting their demands is hard. Many of these customers have been with me for a long time, and they expect me to get them everything they want.

With the errands business, sometimes getting an errand task is hard. There are periods when I can go for two weeks without any errand tasks.

Do you have an incident where a client turned out to be mischievous?

The errands business has been quite good so far, and the customers I have been privileged to serve have been patient with me. I have always made sure to deliver to their expectations.

What opportunities do you see in this business?

First, it’s an opportunity to generate income, enabling me to pay my bills comfortably without having to depend on others. Through this business, I have been able to make connections and meet new people who have become repeat customers for Miss Edmonds Errands. Additionally, I am looking forward to expanding and possibly acquiring a physical office to accommodate walk-in customers. Second, I have the opportunity to serve people and satisfy their needs and wants, which brings me joy in return. Furthermore, I see the opportunity to create employment for someone else or multiple individuals in the near future. Sometimes, the tasks become overwhelming, and having someone to assist with the orders would be beneficial.

Parting shot?

Always give it your all. Whatever you decide to venture in, always give it your all. Business requires patience and consistency. Don’t expect to break big after just one month or one week. Some businesses take  even up to three years for the big break but if you aren’t patient you will find yourself giving up. Give it your all.

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