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Remmy Muvai: I was afraid of lifts and elevators

Arts & Culture

Remmy Muvai is a talented singer-songwriter whose latest music video, "NAENJOY," was released a fortnight ago.  

With her unique blend of captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics, she is slowly gaining recognition in the industry.

Being relatively new in the industry, Remmy agrees that financial obstacles are some of the factors hindering her musical journey but she is without a doubt tackling it. 

"As an artist, capital is a very crucial factor if your music has to go through. As a young star in the making, capital has been one of the challenges but I am pretty sure a majority also face the same," she says

Through her music, she takes listeners on a journey while infusing it with infectious beats and catchy melodies. Her distinctive sound resonates with fans both locally and globally, making her one of the promising prominent figures in the Kenyan music industry.

"I am an easygoing person, who's so much into fashion and music," she says. "l started music way back as a praise and worship leader at my teen class before I started writing and recording my own compositions. So far, I have been able to record my own music and have released several to people on every social media platform," she adds.  

In a captivating account, artist Remmy Muvai shared her personal experience of overcoming fear during her first visit to Nairobi. Her biggest fear isn't anything obscure and, instead, has to do with claustrophobia - specifically elevators. 

"I remember this particular time, I entered into a lift. I didn't know how people use those things. I almost fainted at the lift. I had never used it before, so when it was going up. I held the person next to me so tight. Eventually, I ended up feeling so embarrassed.

The fear of using lifts for the first time is a common experience that many people can relate to. It is natural for individuals to feel apprehensive or anxious when stepping into an elevator, especially if they have never encountered one before.

Her agitation towards elevators is quite common and a recent study estimated around four per cent of people have this elevator-based phobia. 

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