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Signs you are not cleaning your butt properly

 Signs you are not cleaning your butt properly (Photo: Scripps Health)

When conversations about hygiene come up, we sometimes tend to focus on common habits like showering every day, wearing clean clothes and brushing our teeth. Underneath all that, we have some kind of taboo topics that are avoided and one of them is anal hygiene.

We might avoid talking about butt hygiene or even feel gross thinking about it but the truth is, it’s an important part of our everyday maintenance. As adults, anal hygiene is just one of those things we are expected to know but you would be surprised to find out that not everyone grasps the idea of how to do it correctly.

Cleaning up properly is a combination of how often you do it, the technique you’re using and the tools as well. In case you’re doubting whether or not you’re cleaning your butt properly, here are some signs that will help settle those concerns:

You have skid marks

Skid marks are those brown lines that form on your underwear or boxers along the butt area. You might think that it’s just the usual sweat or dirt accumulation at the end of the day but, nope, that is poo residue.

Skid marks tell you that as much as you’re wiping your butt after a long call, you’re not getting it all out. The best way to get clean is to use some soap and water and not just tissue.

You have reoccurring infections

This is mostly something that affects women who wipe back to front. When you carelessly wipe, you’re spreading infection-causing bacteria from the rectal area to your vagina, which then causes issues like Urinary Tract Infections and other infections that are expensive and annoying to treat.

Men might have the option of wiping in different directions but for women, you have to be careful not to wipe back to front or let any poo spread all over.

Also, it would be best to use disposable gloves when washing after a long call to avoid that poo and bacteria from getting under your fingernails.

Your butt area constantly smells

We know that poop is disgusting and it will always smell. So when you have residue from not wiping properly, it will dry up and even mix with sweat and cause you to smell even hours after you’ve gone for number two.

Here, again, you need to always wash with soap, water and disposable gloves to make sure you get it all out. Also, don’t forget to clean your anal area with soap and a washcloth when you’re showering too.

You are always in pain

Washing your butt doesn’t have to be a rough process. Being rough can cause tears and irritation which is also another sign you’re not using the right technique.

You should also use tissue that isn’t rough because that will cause irritation as well. Be gentle whenever you’re wiping and washing, and choose soft tissue paper.

You struggle with rashes and itchiness

Poor butt hygiene is also linked to these two problems. The other reason could be that you’re using harsh soaps or chemicals like sanitisers and harsh wipes to clean such a sensitive area.

Makes sure you are cleaning properly to eliminate these problems but not just that, use safe, chemical free and gentle products. 

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