National Aids Control Council to launch research hub dubbed Maisha Maarifa

Cabinet Secretary for Health, MoH, Dr Cleopa Maillu. He will preside over NACC's launch of the Maisha Maarifa on Monday 25th April. (PHOTO: COURTESY)

The National Aids Control Council is set to launch a research hub dubbed Maisha Maarifa on Monday 25th April. The launch will be presided over by the Cabinet Secretary for Health, MoH, Dr Cleopa Maillu at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi.

The hub is an online based site that will amalgamate information from the field. The National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) provided approval for NACC to collect data from Ethical Review Committee (ERCs) which is and continues to be updated.

The hub will promote evidence-based programming and policy formulation through research by availing research reports of studies in Kenya that may not have been drafted into peer reviewed published manuscripts which often contain rich quality information that is not shared in any platform. It will also provide updated information on ongoing HIV research to reduce duplication in protocol and proposal development among stakeholders. The hub will facilitate communities of practice to share forums on critical HIV related research issues, debate and advise the NACC and other agencies.

The Maisha Maarifa Hub can be accessed through an internet-enabled phone or laptop/PC.  The system can be accessed through the following web address: