Dairy farmers relief as new KCC factory opens

Agrculture Cabinet Secretary when he opened the New KCC processing plant at Kangeta in Meru at the weekend [File]

Agriculture CS Peter Munya has launched a new KCC factory at Kangeta in Igembe Central.

Mr Munya, accompanied by New KCC Director David Baariu at the weekend, said the launch was in line with the national government's role of empowering dairy farmers.

The launch of the plant, with a capacity to process 100,000 litres per day, comes as a relief to farmers who were previously forced to take their produce to Meru town, increasing their production costs.

Urging farmers to increase their production, Munya said the processor would take milk from farms at no extra cost, to boost the morale of local dairy farmers.

Munya was among the first people to deliver milk to the plant. "As agriculture CS, I decided to lead by example. To be able to identify problems faced by farmers, I also decided to become a farmer. That is why my milk was the first to be delivered here," he stated.

The minister, who also issued Artificial Insemination inputs to the local dairy societies, assured farmers of government support to access affordable semen for improved dairy breeds.

He said collecting milk from Kunati, Thangatha and other areas in northern Meru, and reducing costs of production were part of his agenda.

Baariu yesterday said though only days had passed since operations started at the processor, they were encouraged by the zeal shown by farmers. "On the first day we received 1,300 litres and about 1,400 the second day, and it has been increasing. We expect more," he said.

He said they were buying a litre of milk at between Sh45 and Sh48. "This depends; if a farmer delivers or it is collected from farm by the processor. It depends also on whether it has been delivered raw or after being cooled and chilled."

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