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Learn the art of effortless style with model Ann Muli

 Ann Muli is a model and social media influencer (Photo: Courtesy)

Ann Muli is a model and social media influencer. This exposes her to the good, bad and ugly side of the web.

However, that has not stopped her from remaining true to her authentic self and applying it to her style.

What are some of the trends you think we should bury and forget in 2021?

The excessively ripped clothes. It’s getting out of hand guys. I mean, Kanye West is doing way too much now.

What plans do you have on updating your wardrobe?

I can definitely see puffier sleeves in my 2022, but I also want to wear a lot of chunky boots this year.

What are some of the pieces you hope to add to your wardrobe?

I love dresses, although I don‘t have as many. I’m definitely going to work on that this year.

 Talk of a fashionista and model in one (Photo: Courtesy)

How do you sift genuine job offers from fishy ones?

Well, firstly I go for what I‘m comfortable doing and something I believe in as well. Other than that, if it makes money, it makes sense.

What motivates you to wake up and show up for modelling jobs?

The fact that I‘ve always loved dressing up since I was a kid and now, I get paid to do so. My passion and work are aligning.

You have a beautiful frame. How do you maintain your dress size?

I try as much to eat healthy because consistency at the gym has not been easy for me.

How do you deal with online trolls?

My mantra is delete and block. No need to entertain that kind of energy.

 Her style is diverse and full of amazing pieces (Photo: Courtesy)

What advice would you give young women who want to join the modelling world?

Practice positive self-talk. The more you allow yourself to be surrounded by a positive environment, the less entrenched you feel in your insecurities.

Models need professional photos for their portfolios and this doesn’t come cheap, how do you go about it?

Most of my photoshoots are collaborations with different photographers who reach out because they also want to grow their brand. Therefore, it‘s a win-win situation.

Money, usually, is the incentive. How does this arrangement benefit you?

It is definitely worth it because I get to use those images to apply for gigs and the photographer gets to build their portfolio as well.

Reveal one item you intend to spoil yourself with this year?

A 22-inch bone-straight wig.

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