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Trendsetters: CEO Sumayya Hassan-Athmani



NAME: Sumayya Hassan-Athmani

WORK: CEO National Oil Corporation

STATUS: Married

AGE: 39

What are the major principles that drive you in life?

Spirituality, professionalism, family values and a desire to add value to my co-travellers on the journey of life.


What gains do you think womenfolk have achieved from a few decades ago?

Women are now in fields that historically were seen to have been male preserves. This is both in the educational and the working field, and it is a big achievement for them to have done this while still handling their other roles.


Do you think it’s important for a woman to be financially independent?

Financial independence is important for both the man and the woman particularly in today’s world with the ever-escalating living costs. Whether this financial independence comes from employment, business or otherwise, is an individual decision.


How are you ensuring that your future is secured financially?

By seeking to make investments, which I consider sound, whether that is putting something aside for my children’s education or other investments.


How are you tackling different crises that life throws at you as a woman?

A woman is a born multi-tasker. With God above me and family and friends beside me, I take both the successes and challenges as an opportunity to learn. 


How are you handling your spirituality and general wellbeing as a woman?

I am very blessed to come from a prayerful family. Prayer is a key part of my life. I also exercise and I create time to do things I enjoy whether that is an outing with family and friends or going to the spa.


If you were to be asked: “what’s a woman’s essence in the society?”

A woman is the glue that keeps the family and hence, society together. She is the educator, the nurturer, the mentor, the care-giver. She has many additional roles in the wider society.


How do you ensure you keep being beautiful?

A beautiful woman is one who makes others feel better about themselves. Beauty is not only physical. Indeed the deeper beauty is the ability to touch someone’s life positively.


How do you unwind?

Exercising, enjoying my children’s antics, travelling, reading, dining out and doing social work.


How important are children in your life?

They are a blessing. I learn a lot from them, especially about how to keep it real.

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