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Why dating an Alpha female is hard work

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The stress indating Alpha females
 The stress indating Alpha females

Most men generally steer clear of alpha women. By alpha, I mean a woman who is beautiful, has brains and wears her ambition on her sleeve.

She is probably outspoken and never afraid to air her opinion. She often rubs men the wrong way, and men, especially at her work place, have learned to keep a safe distance from her, if only to maintain world peace.

Where alpha males are cocky and annoying, alpha females are snooty and condescending. I hate their lot. I generally disregard people who behave like they are the force of gravity.

For I know they have the most fragile ego, that you can prick easily and hurt them for good. When it comes to dating, alpha females are one of a kind.

For a start, they are too picky. They either forcefully walk a man into marriage earlier on in life (between 24-27), since they prefer leading scripted lives or go on searching for that perfect mate until menopause beckons and they pick any man who shows up.

One of the biggest undoings of alpha female is their inability to trust people. May be they made one error of judgement earlier in life that makes them overly careful about their dating choices. Granted, it is their right to go after a man of their dreams, it will be helpful if they lowered their standards a bit. They are human after all.

Alpha females insist on a scripted life. Must marry at a certain age. Must marry a man of a certain social and professional standing. They want ready-made things. While most women take a man who is even modestly ambitious and make a man out of him, alpha females want a ready made man who will be ready to answer to their every whim.

Yet, life never happens like that. Few people get to lead their dream lives. The rest of us, have to make periodic compromises in the course of of our lives. We respond to various disappointments (failed relationships, abortions, desertions) and pick ourselves until we get it right. Not so with alpha females. They are too careful to put a foot wrong in their dating.

Since they mostly want a man they can control, it takes them longer to find such a man. Smart women control women psychologically. Dumb women tend to do so physically.

They want to display their power and constantly remind a man that they can do better (or worse) by themselves. Not many men can stomach a woman whose mind has been poisoned by her brains or income.

Consequently, they hurry into marriage with immature men, who later open their eyes and start abusing them. Alternatively, they take so long to settle down, they are forced to marry an old person or any joker who can pretend and put up with their volatile emotions and egos.

I am not asking alpha women to demand less from men. All I’m asking them is to behave a little like normal human beings. They should listen to other people’s counsel.

They should not be afraid to make mistakes or think they will become victims of ridicule. Equally, they should tone down their expectations of life. Sometimes life is too mean to even give you lemons. Deal with it.


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