I want an easier life  (Photo: iStock)

Hi Chris,

My life is full of small daily irritations that drive me nuts. Like the traffic, and eking out the money to the end of the month. And something’s always going wrong. People are difficult, a tyre’s flat, or the salt’s run out! How do I find an easier life?


Chris says, 

Hi Irritations!

Troubles like yours are unavoidable! So it is better to just accept them, and regard them as training for dealing with real disasters. Like car crashes, robberies and floods.


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You cannot pretend they never take place or avoid dealing with them when they do. Because when something like that happens to you, you have to drop everything and do your best. But being prepared often means they never occur at all.

Learning to cope well with trouble will make your life feel a whole lot better. Especially how you deal with those little things that are so easy to let slip. Like how people neglect their health until something serious starts to go wrong.

So accept that setbacks are inevitable and that life can be tiresome. Learn to maintain your strength and optimism in the face of difficulties. And be prepared. Because difficulties are rarely ever a complete and total surprise. Protect yourself by building some slack in your schedule, saving a little more money, and keeping fit. So you can always handle the unexpected. 

Be prepared for difficulties. Service your car. Keep plenty of fuel in the tank. Take a self-defence course. Keep your store cupboard well stocked. View every difficulty as a learning opportunity rather than as a problem. And always be proactive, taking care of difficulties while they are still small.

Because preventative maintenance is a really good idea. For your clothes, your car, your relationships, and your health. Learn from every experience and try not to have the same problem twice.

By making whatever changes are necessary to prevent a repeat before you move on. And you become what you learn. So expect trouble, take it in your stride, build up your resilience, and life will start feeling easier!

All the best,