Father's Day: How to properly gift your dad this year (Photo: iStock)

We've now entered the lovely month of June, and if you're blessed to have made it this far into the year, that's a victory. We've had New Year, Mother's Day and now it's Father's Day.The importance of fathers or father figures in our lives is immeasurable.

As the head of the family, they have a special duty to provide and protect, and we should never take that for granted. The best way to show love to your dad is to start by recognising the holiday, rather than treating it like any other day. And secondly, to surprise him with a gift.

Usually, we can think of so many ways to celebrate our mums on Mother's Day, but when it comes to dad, you may be at a loss as to what to do. You know your dad best, so it's up to you to make the final decision.

But these guidelines might help you decide what to do:

Don’t be cheap

Many of us are guilty of making Mother’s Day more special than Father’s Day. We often forget that our dads need the same amount of love too because it’s not fair to favour one side and disregard the other. 


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Don’t go for something cheap like a pair of socks or a tie if you can afford to do something better for him. Remember that our parents won’t always be with us all our lives so this is the right timeto show them that you love them.

Think of something meaningful

The other idea that would guide you to the right gift is choosing something sentimental. This works because there are many creative ways you can show an authentic expression of love even when it’s notsomething expensive.

You can buy him a mug engraved with a special message just for him or you can even create an interesting art piece that will always remind him of the special bond you have. Choose something that has a more personal feel to it and you can be sure that he’ll love it.

Do something newThis year you can also choose to think outside the box instead of celebrating it the way you usually would. It’s great to have Father’s Day traditions but once in a while, it’s nice to try something different.

If you’re used to buying him gifts, you can choose to take him on a road trip this time round. The whole point is just to try and give him a new experience that he will always remember.

Get him what he needs

Men’s gifts aren’t usually complicated actually. You might be stressing over what to get him but maybe all you need to do is to check for what he needs and get him that as a gift.

If for example, he’s struggling to stay warm during this cold season, you can buy him a heater. You can even buy him electricity tokens or house shopping to keep him going for a while and he’ll be so happy.Keep it simple and be keen on what he needs right now.

Buy him his favourite meal

Food is just one of those gifts that works for every season whether it’s a birthday, New Year’s or any other type of celebration.

You know what your dad loves to eat so you can decide to order it directly to his house. If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, you can cook what he likes and enjoy a meal together.