Ukraine president rejects US offer to vacate Kyiv, asks for ammunition

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. [Courtesy]

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has rejected an offer by the American States to evacuate the capital.

The US reportedly asked Volodymyr to escape the capital - Kyiv - with reports that Moscow has marked him as the "number one target"  in the wake of the ongoing bombardment in Ukraine.

Instead of seeking a safer passage, Volodymyr asked for more ammunition.

According to AFP, which quoted a senior American intelligence official, Volodymyr outrightly turned down the offer by the Joe Biden administration, adding that he needed anti-tank ammunition, “not a ride.”

The US officials have described the invasion by Moscow as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimate objective to overthrow the Ukrainian government.

Ukrainian media reports that president Zelensky is still in the capital and personally involved in coordinating the defense of the city.

Volodymyr’s whereabouts, though, is still being kept a secret.

A video of Volodymyr standing with senior aides outside the presidential office has since emerged.

Other senior Ukrainian government officials have also vowed to stay put.

Ukraine's military claims it has destroyed 14 Russian planes, including eight helicopters; 102 tanks, 536 armoured vehicles, 15 artillery systems and killed over 3000 Russian soldiers.

The Standard could not independently verify these claims.

Media reports indicate that the Russian military is continuing in its advance from three main directions.

On Friday, the Russian troops laid claim to the southern Ukraine city of Melitopol.