It is high time authorities took action against noisy joints near schools

A little boy blocks his ears from loud noise. [Getty Images]

Of late, there has been a growing concern about the proximity of clubs to public schools. Many parents and child rights advocates are calling for the closure of these establishments, citing the harmful effects they could have on children’s development and safety.

We all know that public schools are supposed to be safe havens for children to learn and grow. However, the presence of clubs and other nightlife establishments near these schools is a potential recipe for disaster.

These clubs attract all sorts of people, including drug dealers, prostitutes, and other dangerous individuals who could pose a considerable risk to the children.

Moreover, the music and noise emanating from these clubs could disrupt the children’s studies and concentration, thus denying them the opportunity to learn and excel academically.

Young brains are extremely vulnerable to negative influences, and exposure to such environments could have long-term detrimental effects on their development.

The Kenyan government and relevant authorities, including the police and county governments, must take swift and decisive action to close down these clubs, which are endangering the future of many children. We need to prioritise the well-being and safety of our children over profits and business interests.

Learning institutions should have a conducive environment for academic temper and a proper learning environment. The presence of clubs near the school will limit children’s ability to study conductively due to noise and bad behavior associated with clubs.

Therefore, as learning institutions are brooding zones for academic progress, we need to do away with clubs surrounding such schools.

We must all join hands to ensure that our public schools are safe and conducive learning environments for our children. It is time to take action and close down these clubs near public schools before it’s too late.

Let us not wait until something terrible happens before we act. The future of our children is at stake, and it’s our collective responsibility to ensure they have a secure and prosperous future.