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Five things you should look forward to when married to a Kalenjin man


Much has been talked about my brothers from the Rift Valley, from their heroics in middle and long distance races conquests around the globe to the now famous brown leather jacket aka ‘prown cheget’.

With the money that these Kalenjin brothers get from other profitable ventures apart from athletics, other tribes are seeking to marry their daughters into this endowed tribe from the Great Rift Valley. Here’s what to expect in the marriage:

No turning back

His uncles and relatives will insist on this - there’s no turning back. It’s only death that will separate you. Forget about irreconcilable differences. He will cheat on you once in a while or always but that won’t be a significant reason to nullify the marriage. Bottom line is, you are in for the long haul. 

His mother is above reproach

You could land the dreaded mother-in-law. Still, you could be lucky to land a passionate mother-in-law, who will care about you and most importantly love you like her own. Either way, if his mother tells him to chase you at noon, a Kalenjin man will do so without a doubt. If you claim she doesn't treat you well it will only remain as a claim. The mother-in-law might even milk your cow in the mornings and he will do nothing about it. 

He will treat as one of his kids

He decides everything in the house - he rules with the proverbial iron fist. All the decisions like which school his kids (the kids belong to him) will attend, sometimes the clothes they wear as well as what you wear, in case he deems disrespectful.

Conjugal rights

He reserves to right to want it at any given time, mid-day, morning, any time the urge checks in. You are under no obligation to feign a headache or whatever disqualifies the need of amorous conquests.

He will take care of his kids

A Kalenjin man wants the best for his kids. They will always come first. He will work hard to support them throughout until they turn out to be productive members of the society or whatever they choose to be. 

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